How to Start A Blog

How to Start A Blog? [100% Working + Updated]

You know what, it is way too much easy to Start a Blog or let me say… A… Successful… BLOG. And you know what… it doesn’t even require Technical Expertise. So if you want a Successful Blog or Lets just not bind by the Blog only… The method I’m gonna tell you will also help you create any successful Website… can be either for Professional or for Personal use too. So make sure to follow along with this Article as you are going to get answered most of your Doubts.

Before going ahead with the Steps, let’s just talk about…

Why should you start a Blog or Website?

There are many answers to this question as:

  • It’ll help you earn some extra bucks.
  • If you want to start your own Small Business or you already Own it then you must go for it.
  • You don’t have to go to OFFICE.

And believe me, there are way too many more important reasons to start a Blog today… But, for sake of Change, Let us see why others are starting Blogs.

  • Make money from your Blog:

Nowadays blogging is also counted as the full-time profession, where people do earn more then you might think.
And in this article only, yes in this article, I will tell you some of those best ways with which you can make money online. So stay on for it.

  • To get more Exposure to your Business or organization:

Nowadays, even more and more organizations are exhibiting themselves and their works in order to reach out to many people, who might be their future customers.

And the profit margin of the Blog is way higher than the investment in it.

  • And there are still more:

Literally, there are many intentions of Starting a Blog, and there are chances that you might have your unique reason to start a Blog… it can be to help others?… or anything, please do mention it in the comments section below and help others like you.

You know there are many others who are afraid of certain things, certain misconceptions made it foggy for them to make a simple decision to whether to Start a Blog or Not? So let us wipe out those Clouds of Misconceptions…

Misconceptions About Blogging:

Kick the Misconceptions
  • You need to be a Computer expert to run a blog.

Well, that’s the common mentality of many persons that you should be a Computer Expert but there is no need for the knowledge about how to repair your laptop or PC. Instead, you should know only about how to access the Internet and should be able to type with Keyboard. That’s all…

  • You must know about HTML and CSS languages for Coding.

If you were in 2001 or 2010, then I would have accepted your belief. But, today even a child could create a blog or website with applications like WordPress, Wix, etc..

  • It costs a lot when you start a blog.

Seriously, today you can even start your blog without a single penny by using Blogger, or Wix blog and many more like these.

And if you want to start a blog on your own expenses than the cost might reach up to $10 – $15.

That much you can earn in a week while you just started.

  • You must be an expert in your field.

Well, if you are then it’s really a great thing but if you are not then nothing is to fear of.

  •  You should have knowledge about Content writing.

In this case, I would like to say that “Practice makes the man perfect”(actually I meant everyone Perfect). Its all about do you start writing or not.

Because there is nothing to fail.

And if you still have any doubt or misconception then just contact me, I’ll help you out (and don’t tell everyone… that I am gonna help you out for Free because I am Professional Consultant). Now: If you want to create a successful blog like others out there… then follow this STEP-BY-STEP Guide.

How-to-Start-A-Blog Infographic

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Let me break down the Infographic for you:

Step 1)Selecting A Perfect Niche

As I have observed that some people have a clear vision of what to Blog about.

But many have faced the same problem that what to pick for Blogging.

I am very soon to write an article on finding the perfect Niche for you… so subscribe to get information regarding that.

  1. Recipes
  2. Travel Experiences
  3. Politics
  4. Celebrities
  5. Gaming
  6. Beginner’s guides to anything!
  7. Overcoming adversity or illness
  8. Life Experiences
  9. Family
  10. Products or service reviews
  11. Educational
  12. Charity
  13. Jokes and Humor
  14. Activism
  15. Music
  16. Personal Stories
  17. Sports

And there are still more Niches, and if I have not mentioned your Personal Favorite, then please Comment Below and make me write it.

If your vision is clear, you might want to go for your specific Niche.

But still, if you have any doubt in your mind, then have a look at these 2 points while choosing Niche for you:

  • Try to choose a topic which covers your interest areas, as it will help you to get going in the long run. But if you are specific with your Niche then there is nothing to worry about.
  • Select a Niche which has a good article variation.
    If you have a niche that has a good article variation, wait for a second, I can explain you with a mathematical equation

Good article Variation=Many Article

Many Article=Many Keywords

Many Keywords=High ranking in Search Engine

High ranking in Search Engine=More traffic

More traffic=More Money for you.

isn’t it simple…

  • Always choose one in which you have the ice part of knowledge.

You ain’t the first person Blogging on a specific Niche. Literally, there are way more than you can imagine.

And whichever Topic fulfils the above checklist, believe me, go for it.

For detailed Information on Finding Best Niche for Blogging read my article. I have written a dedicated article on this topic and you will definitely find the Best one for you.

Step 2)Selecting A Speedest Hosting and Perfect Domain Name

For the betterment of this Tutorial and for making it more Simple… Let me divide it into 2 different sections as these are 2 major requirements for running a Blog or Website.

Your Blog or Website is only visible when it has both of them…

Section 1) Selecting Speedest Hosting.

(Read my Detailed Article about Best Hosting Provider companies)

Before choosing the Best Hosting, first, we should understand all about Hosting…

What is Web-Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet.

how hosting works image

In simple words… Web-Hosting is an online Computer which holds all your information which you upload and in our case, our Website Pages. Now we have understood, let’s see what are the important things you should consider before choosing Web Host for your Website/Blog. Checklist for Best Web-Hosting Characteristics:

  • Low Page Load time.
  • High Up-Time / Low Down-Time
  • Server Upgrading Options
  • Disk Space and Data transfer Capacity
  • An easy to use Hosting Control Panel
  • Should provide an SSL certificate (Optional, if it provides then its nice).
  • Customer Support
  • Effective Price Range.

These are some of the things you must consider before buying any Web-Hosting. If you ask me: I would recommend A2Hosting and BlueHost. As these are best in there Business and are very well known around the Globe for Web-Hosting. And I highly recommend A2Hosting as I use it. And let me tell you, they have best ever customer support and are best in Speed too.


Section 2) Choosing Perfect Domain Name.

This is the most precise step as your Domain name will be publicly available and will be used to reach to your Website.

My-domain-name image
Domain Name of NerdyACE

If you don’t already have ideas, use your name, or think of something short, catchy and shareable. But professionally, I would advise you to check these points before choosing the Domain Name.

  • Make it easy to type. You don’t want your possible visitor typing another websites domain name by mistake!
  • Try to choose a domain name as short as possible as they are easy to write and remember and less hassle for the user and less risk of mistyping…
  • Don’t use other company’s brand names or trademarked slogans. They are gonna hunt you and shut you down.
  • It is advised to choose a domain name that makes sense and is related to your niche.
  • If possible use your Niche Keyword in the Domain name. As it really helps you in SEO.
  • Try to avoid numbers and hyphen in your domain as it confuses people and that’s not what you want.
  • Choose a domain that can be pronounced easily.

Most important question and first Idea of the Human Brain on Domain Name: Should I choose my name as the Domain Name? Simply if you just want a Blog, not to build a separate Brand, then sure, go for it. But if you are thinking of Building a Brand rather than just typing about Self then I would recommend not to do so. Now: How to register a Domain Name for Cheap? I highly recommend using GoDaddy for registering any domain name as it provides really nice Customer Support and really provides domain names with the cheap price range. So I believe, by now you are ready with the Niche, Domain Name idea and chose a Web-Hosting Company. If yes, then let’s go for Step 3 and if not, then take your time. Because these decisions can’t be made in hurry.

Step 3) Choosing A Blogging  Platform.

To know more about Blogging Platform, read our Dedicated Article on Best Blogging Platform here.

This step is not at all hard as you don’t have to make any hard decisions… as WordPress is the Best in the Business. But I shall introduce every possible fact that you shall consider for choosing a Blogging Platform without getting biased in favor of WordPress. First of all,

What is Blogging Platform?

A blogging platform is a software or service that you use to publish your content onto the internet in the form of a blog. It is important you choose wisely because there is a possibility that you’ll have to work with that specific Platform for entire blog life.

What are the factors you should consider while choosing a Blogging Platform?

There are many things you should consider while choosing a Blogging Platform, but we will discuss the Most important points to look at Blogging Platform.

  • First and foremost of all, it should fit in your Budget. There’s a big price range in this field.
  • You should have control over your Website rather than the Platform creator.
  • You should be able to do customization as per your requirement.
  • It should allow you to monetize your Blog.
  • It should not advertise in your Work.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Search Engine Friendly.

I highly recommend testing whether your favorite Blogging Platforms stands in these criteria. Now for Recommendation: I already have recommended and still recommending to use as it highly in favor of the above criteria and can be used to create something way more than just a Blog, it can create an advance and professional Website too.  

Step 4) Designing a Blog.

[There is a detailed article over this Topic here]

Well, this step completely depends upon the previous step as your Blogging Platform will help you out in it. And I believe, you have chosen WordPress as your Blogging Platform. And if yes, then you have a great variety of themes available only for the WordPress that helps you out in this step.

But rather than just talking about WordPress, let’s talk about the Basic and most Primary things you must consider before designing your Blog or Website. As a professional Web-Designer and Developer, I would try to provide you with the best advice that’ll be helpful not only if you are creating a Blog, even the Websites can be created on these fundamentals.

  • Most important of all, you should choose a Color Theme for your Blog / Website as it makes the Visitor make more comfortable to visit and this theme must only contain 2 colors with the different color zone at most. But you can use the different shades of the same color.
  • You should choose your color theme on the Basis of your Logo color. Or you can do vice-versa.
  • Get Logo done by Professional as it is going to be your Brand Identity.
  • Make your Blog / Website layout Simple.
  • Only keep the Useful things in the design rather than just adding for the Looks. I have observed it a lot that there are many blogs out there which are just made to suit the eyes and does not fulfill the real purpose.
  • Create a layout that represents your Niche, your real Business.
  • And another important factor, make it responsive.
  • And always keep on Experimenting with the Layout as it’ll filter out the Best from your Layout.

Many out there do not go for Professional Web-designers, I am not saying that you should go, but they are charging you for something they are good at and they have done it. It is not something you should Underestimate. For the first 10 seconds your Design Layout, Color Theme has 99% effect on your visitor’s brain. And within that time your visitor will decide whether to stay on your Blog/Website or not. It is really worth of Time and Money you spend on it.

Step 5) Writing Perfect Content for your Blog…

Writing content for your Blog or Website doesn’t mean just to write anything that comes to your mind. It is a very precise process with certain mandatory steps that one should always follow. And most important of all the Content must be published with certain frequency… means you should Publish Content very time based, i.e., you should at least write 2-3 articles a week in starting and should keep up with the pace and later you can go for 1-2 article a week. Well, let’s talk about the content writing and that too in the perfect way:

  • Your content paragraph must be short. I recommend it to be 2-3 lines is Best as you are creating content for those who don’t have time to read all your Content.
  • Make your content Scannable. As I already told you that you are writing for someone who does not have all the time to read your Blog along with that much patience.
  • Always include Media in your Content, as it makes it easier to scan and makes looks great. It can be anything like images, audio, video, etc..
  • Always write for Human, so try to keep it bit more of Emotional.
  • Always include infographics in your Article that contains all about your Article in brief. It will help you in ranking too.
  • Only write meaningful things, don’t just go along with the flow.

If possible, hire professionals to do this job (Recommended for Professional Blogs and Website). Get Infographics and illustrations from us…

Step 6) Promoting your Content.

This is the Step which makes your Blog SUCCESSFUL, but the true fact is that most bloggers do not even think about it. We all know that for a single keyword or for a simple search, you find a big number of Articles and stuff online. Then why one should come to your Blog and read your Article. And let me tell you something that it doesn’t matter how best you have written, it doesn’t matter what you have written til someone is there to read it. Mark as the thought of the day by me. So the question is:

How to Promote your Content online?

There are way too many ways, from basic to advance level… but let us first discuss the Basic. And if you want your Website or Blog to rank high in Google, make sure to check our SEO Services that’ll boost your Rankings (highly recommended for Professional Website or Blog). The Basic Step is to get backlinks from other high Domain Authority Website. But how to get it? I’ll tell you the best ways to get the effective backlinks and referrals from the High Domain Authority Websites. Use these steps to get backlinks from those websites:

  • Write Guest Post for those Websites which are in your Niche and always put your Web-Page link in it.
  • Write in the Forums and Communities about the Articles in your Niche.
  • And try to help others in those Forums and communities to get a high rate of traffic back to your Website.
  • Infographics help you get Backlink as you should allow your visitors to embed them on their Website.
  • Use Social Media to let your Content go Viral.

There are still many ways and I wish to have a separate category for SEO and give certain professional and advance tip, so subscribe to get notified about such changes in effect.

Step 7) Monetize Your Blog.

This is not going to be hard for anyone as it is the simple step and the final output totally depends upon your previous Step no matter what. There are many ways to Monetize your Blog…no, wait…there are only a few effective ways to make real money. Some of those Monetizing ways are:

  • Adsense or any Ad showing company…
  • Creating own Digital Product.
  • Selling your own E-Books.
  • Selling your Services to others via Blog.
  • Creating Courses and making them available for Subscription.

You know there are many ways, but the effective ones are:

  • Affiliate Marketing is the best and I too do it.
  • And other like selling own Services, creating Digital Product and selling and Course Subscription is Best.

You get the Idea… But now you might ask that:

Why are you not counting Ads as Effective Monetizing Way?

why Prashant…why? The clear answer to it is, you are driving off your traffic to someone else who might not be worthy of it and you want to know the fun fact…for just $1, you are driving 1000 from your Traffic. That’s the Standard and most common deal you get in Showing others ads. And most important of all…It’s a Brand Killer Idea as literally, it is going to kill your Brand Value. Plus, your Web-Design will look a piece of garbage. And some visitors might think of you as another SPAMMY site. So, I think by now you might have got my point that why you should not go for showing Ads on your Website. These were some Basic and Effective Ways of Monetizing Blog or Website. If I forgot any of your personal favorites then feel free to comment it and Help others like you.

These were the Steps to create a Successful Blog or Website by which you can create one or more Successful Blog/s or Website/s for your Own.

Now What?…

Now go ahead and hit the grounds, but before that subscribe to our Newsletters to get notified about the new, upcoming articles…
And comment below to give your opinion about the articles and do mention if I forgot to add anything important…

See you soon…