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17 Steps to create the Perfect Website Layout [ 100% Working ]

Complete Disclosure: This Article consists of various Steps that are essential for a Perfect Website Layout, so if you want to have a perfect web design layout then you must read this article…

Now… Let’s discuss most important thing…

Well, there is a slight misconception about Web Designing.

What is it?

Web Designing doesn’t mean filling your Design with all the beautiful looking things, but it means to remove the unwanted stuff from your Design and make it look best by making it more simpler.

By this, you optimize your Website and make it more effective and release the load from the Website and this also maximizes the Website Performance.

As per Wikipedia,

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

Now the Question that might arise in your Head, that…

Why should I go for Design when I have perfect Content for me?
(because I had when I started…)

Now, let’s say that you have the Perfect Content, I totally agree with that.

But, you know what:
There are hundreds of thousands of websites that have more perfect Content then you, so why should your reader come to your Website.

The only reason is… You are doing it with the different style.

Simply means:
You are presenting the Information with the Better form. That’s it.

Now, let’s look at it with Example…

Bad Website Design Layout
Bad Website Design Layout Example

(Get more of such examples here.)


best web design example
Best Web Design Example

You decide which one is the best and you want for your website or Blog…

*Note: By showing these images I am not targeting any person’s feeling or any individual. It is for general awareness. And liking and disliking of two different images totally vary on the Personal interest.

This was why you should consider while creating a Website/Blog for Professional or Personal use.

But how to do it…

Let me warn you, this process is too much complex and lengthy… So if you do not have that much of time you should consider hiring Professionals for this job.

And if you wish to, you can even get it done by us, NerdyACE here.

But in-case, if you wish to do it by yourself, then we are also happy to help you…

It generally consists of 17 Major Steps, that we are going to discuss in detail…

The Steps are:


research icon

Even before thinking about the looks of your website, you must consider doing a detailed research about what’s working in the Market.

You know what, there are companies which spends millions of dollar doing research what works. So why to waste time and money of yours.

The simple meaning is that you don’t need millions of dollars to get your work done. All you need is a little Observation.

And how you are going to do that:
Actually, it’s not that tough but it’s really important though.

You just need to observe the Websites/Blogs which are already working best and need to find out whats best in their layout.

So you get the information about the positioning of certain content and other stuff.

And with this step you get a lot more:

You get a clear vision of what should be where

Then the other face of this research step is to find the other related material, such as images, illustrations, videos, gifs, and more…

*And a bit of warning- don’t just get with the flow of placing the images and videos and other stuff and making your Ideal layout nothing more than Garbage.

2)Put Your thoughts on paper…

paper writing gif

So, you did the Research and then just wanted to put all the Stuff on your Website. But it’s not what you should do.

I know that you did observations and found out the Perfect Material, but always keep one thing in mind.

Who knows that a stuff working good for others will also do with you same.
So, in order to find out that, just trace down your layout on a white paper, you can do it roughly.

Then in addition to your observed list, you should also put your imagination. Otherwise, your layout will be nothing more than a copy of someone’s website/blog.

Now, you have all your information on a piece of paper, let’s move to the next step.

3)Take out unnecessary details from it.

This might be the hardest step, as you did a lot of research and now I’m asking you to erase it.

But trust me…it’s the most important thing.
As I have already told you designing a website is a step in which you remove all the unnecessary stuff.

The more you remove the unnecessary details from your layout, the more simple your layout will become and we know that“Simple is Beautiful”.

So the Question is:

How to find out what you should remove?
It’s simple… Take a break from your work and after 15-30 mins to come back.

You might think that’s crazy…but trust me you’ll see some change.

The reason why I told you to take rest is of you just keep on thinking, then you only think in one direction.

Simply, if you start to think that everything is important, and if you don’t take a break, at the end of the day, the same thing will be important for you.

It’s sometimes best to take few steps back and think rather than just keep on hitting it.

So, let’s hope you took my advice seriously and had a break of 15-30 mins as per me, but you could take as long as you want (the reason is to take your mind to anything other than your layout).

Now you have returned to your desk and now see the layout. You’ll feel that suddenly there is no need of certain things…

You might feel that you don’t want this image or that section or anything.
And that’s what you have to remove from your Layout.

4)Now look for the Technical Requirements…

Basically, this is the Second Step in my STEP BY STEP guide on How to Start A Blog Article.

This is not that much important for you if you run a web development company because the technical department will handle it but if you are doing it on your own, then this is a major concern.

But don’t worry, I am gonna help you out…
Now if you need to start a Blog, then I suggest going with WordPress. And nowadays, WordPress is not only limited to Blog, you can even create the most stunning websites with WordPress.

And if you want to go with the Traditional way, then you should learn at-least these languages…

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL

And if you want to go with the New, Modern And Speediest way, I suggest going for WordPress.

But WordPress is not too easy, because later on, you need to decide which theme and plugins shall be used.

I suggest going for the Best Theme, i.e., DIVI.

It’s an Elegant Themes Product and I believe, it is the Best ever theme you can use as you don’t have to think of any technical stuff, just simple Drag-n-Drop.

And if you have chosen a theme for you, then I recommend going for Elementor PluginIt is the Best Visual Page Builder Plugin and even Divi has a plugin that you can use.

To know more about WordPress and it’s themes and plugins just subscribe to our Newsletter and get notified about the Upcoming WordPress Articles and much more.

*Spoilers…The step 5 or step 6 can be done in any order, it does not matter.

5)Choose your LOGO for Branding…

LOGO is the most important and you should be very careful while selecting it for your Website if you think of to build a Brand.

Now, for those who might think, “Why are LOGOs so important?”…

I have the simplest explanation for you… Let’s say if you see this image,

nike shoe
Nike Shoe

Can you tell who is the manufacturer of this shoe…And if you are not able to, then it’s Nike and you really need Professionals to do Web design for you.

Similarly, the LOGO is the most important, as by seeing it your readers will find out who the page or any stuff belongs to (if you have branding on it).

Now, let’s hope you have understood the importance of LOGO, but how to get one…

Well, you should not at all compromise here. As LOGO is the major thing in Branding, so you should hire Professional Graphic Designers to make one LOGO for you.

Even you can hire us for this Job by clicking here.

But in-case you still think of to make one by yourself, okay, let’s see certain things that you should consider while creating one by yourself or while accepting the LOGO delivery from the Graphic Designer…

  • It should represent your Service or your Website or Blog.
  • It should not consist of more than 2 colours and I generally advise to go for 1 colour.
  • It should be a vector image, not the pixel image. The reason behind that is the Vectors don’t get distorted when Stretched or Compressed, their Quality always remains the same.
  • You should have a nice size variant of your LOGO.
  • You should choose a specific colour that you want to resemble on viewers head (we’ll talk more about in the Next Step).
  • It should not be too much funky or vibrant.
  • It should consist of the initials of your Domain Name (optional but important if you consider).

So, let’s hope you got the perfect Idea what you want to have as LOGO for your Website/Blog.

6)Select your theme colour…

If you have already made your LOGO, then I suggest going for the exact same colour theme which you used in your LOGO. OR you can make your LOGO with the Colour theme you choose in this step.

Now: You might think that…

Why go for a specific colour theme? I like many colours, so why not to use them all.

Let’s hope that you are not thinking that, but if you are then I recommend you to go and hire Professionals for this Job.

But let’s clear the doubt.
There is the different wavelength of every colour (in reference to light), you should not use different colours with entire different wavelength.

Because they are not going to settle with each other and give any harmonic wave.

In Simple Words: Just Don’t Use Different Colors From Different Color Spectrum.

Now the Question that appears in our Mind is that:

Which Color should we choose?
Well, it totally depends upon you which colour you want to choose but I do recommend choosing a colour on the Basis of the Colour Mood.

Every Color defines itself in such a manner that the viewer has the unique impact of that colour in different situations.

To make your life more simple:

It is Perfectly defined in the Article by VeryWell on the Color Psychology.
But to make it straight to our point…

  • White – Purity and Innocence
  • White – Purity and Innocence
  • Red – Love and Excitement
  • Blue – Calmness and sadness
  • Green – Envy (Meaning: a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.)
  • Yellow – Warmth and Energy
  • Purple – Wealth, Mystery and Wisdom
  • Brown – Reliability and Strength
  • Orange – Enthusiasm and Attention
  • Pink – Romance and Kindness.

Now I explained to you how does a color impact on the Viewers brain, so all you have to do is pick one that you feel is perfect for your Websites’ Primary Color.

Adobe Color Palette

And to find other colors that can have harmonic behavior with your Primary Color, you can use Adobe Color CC and use it in Monochromatic mode.

7)Choose your Website Typography…

Now, you are done with the Colors and now you have to decide the typography for your Website/Blog.

It is highly recommended to use 1 or 2 different types of Font on the Website.

google font image
Google Fonts

Use Google Fonts and find out the different fonts and how they look in heading, para or in different font sizes.

And find two (I prefer) that have certain similarities but are not completely similar. 

8)Divide your every page layout in the different section…

Now, let’s hope that by reaching this step, you have collected all the information required above.

Now it’s time to divide the layout as per the Sections and as per the Functionality.
I’ll explain the reason for doing so in the 12th Step. And believe me it’s really important and you’ll find it as the most helpful.

And name every section differently. So in order to make it less complicated in the future.

9)Pay attention to every minute detail…

Now you have created the Layout in the Paper.

It’s time to revise all your work by now and finding out is there missing or not. Is there any mistake?

This might sound Childish… but it makes a lot of difference. In the real world.
Because we can’t afford to make silly mistakes. And these silly mistakes might hurt your Brand or your Website/Blog value.

I believe that’s not the task on your To-Do list.

So never forget to Revise everything and after every certain period of time.

10)Tidy up your design files…

Now, let’s hope that everything is Perfect by now. So, we just need to make our work tidier.

And this time we’ll try to make it using proper measurements andtrying to place every section specifically.

By doing this you ensure that everything will look perfect with proper margin and scales. And try to define margin and padding and spaces you want.

Now have a look at it. It’s obviously going to look different than the previous one.

Let’s hope it does, otherwise your Fair work and Rough Work are same, both can be nice and both can be… you understand.

11)Always create a web-page design in 3-4 different ways and choose the best sections and make the best of all…

I always suggest everyone create 3-4 different layouts with every step above and that means you should also go ahead and check multiple LOGOs and different Color theme too.

And find the best layout and sections.

Now try out mismatching the sections in Layouts and when you feel that “This is what I want” (here it means that you have attained inner satisfaction).

“It’s Beautiful” GIF

12)If you are Developer, then share your web design even before creating the Website…

If you are a Professional Developer or Planning to do Web Designing for others then you should highly consider this step.

Because it is the Step where you get information from your Customer about your Layout.

And if they don’t like any stuff or section, then you just have to work as per their feedback.

It is always important to ask your customer whether they liked the final layout or not. As it will save more of your Time and Resources too.

13)Try to reach out to other people and ask…

What do you think of this Website?” OR “If you had a chance, how would you have created it?

If you are a Web Designer, then you must understand that the User Experience is the most important.

You know there are other Websites that charge you to providing User Experience Video recorded.

But, I know an alternative FREE way… You just need to make your Layout Perfectly and show it to your Friends, Family, or anyone and ask them did they liked it? or did the Layout was simple and easy to use Layout or not?

I really recommend it as you will find the Real and authentic responses/feedback.

14)Then start working on the FrameWork of your Website…

Now is the time to start the Computer.

Let’s make the Functional Layout from the Layout on paper.

This step won’t take too much of time as you already have done the Research work and already collected the data to use.

I recommend using WordPress as you need to only work on Front-End, there is no headache of Back-End of the Website (It is only possible for the simple website but for more complicated websites/web-application, WordPress is not recommended).

By using Divi Theme in WordPress, you can even add the Custom Codes from HTML, CSS and JavaScript, giving it more functionality for the developers.

You can get Divi Theme from Elegant Theme from here.

15)Create it as functional as possible…

By now, we found that the Layout should have the best looks and simple design. But now it’s the time for working for the functionality of the website.

An advice, if anything on the layout does not serve any required thing then remove it, we don’t want any extra and useless stuff. That’s what our major principle as a Web Designer is.

And try using the Layout with different devices and software.

16)Then do the Final Revision.

You should finally check the Layout and check that every section is working and look that every link and button is perfectly functioning as required.

It’s the final work that you’ll be doing before publishing the website, so do it carefully.

17)Always keep trying…

It is highly advised to go for A/B testing.

You can get this feature for FREE in DIVI theme, but in-case you don’t have it, you can use A/B Testing Tool provided by Neil Patel here.

It is nothing but a test to analyze that how two or more different settings affect page functionality or different sections for the same place brings change in conversions.

And it really affects your Websites conversion rates when the final winning section is used.

And remember…

keep trying gif
“I Just Keep Trying…”

PRO Tips

  • Always include Call To Action on your Website.
  • Always use Lead Pages if you are creating a Service Website as these Leads will help you grow your Business.
  • Always Keep your Website Updated, as everyone wants to read or Deal with the Website which is Continuously UPDATED…

These were the major 17 steps that are needed to be followed while creating a Web Design for you or others.

If I forgot to mention any other step then write it in the Comment section below.

Also read the article: How to start a Blog.

Anyways, do share these article to help others like me(5 years ago)…

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See you Soon…